Collated Fasteners


nails, collated, clipped head, full round head, ring shank, screw, galvanised, bright, smooth, coil,

Nails in various collation patterns are available from stock and are suitable for the majority of commercially available tools. All nails are available in a variety of finishes to comply with the relevant service class.

Pins & Brads

18g, 16g, 23g pins, brads, collated, micro pins, angled, headless pins, slight head, masonry brads,

Our stocks of Pins & Brads from 23g micro pins to 15g masonry brads is sure to satisfy most demands

Heavy Duty Staples

flooring, sheathing,  heavy wire, staples, 16g, 15g, 14g, 12g, collated, automation, toolmatic,

The range of heavy duty staples is expanding, heavy duty staples are now available up to 180mm long

Light Duty Staples

membrane, breather, stainless, galvanised, upholstery, hammer tacker, automation, light duty,

Light duty staples such as those required by upholstery & furniture manufacturers are always available

Stainless Steel Fasteners

stainless steel, A2, A4, rust free, rost frei, staples, pins, brads, nails

As building regulations are constantly being updated, so is the need for the use of stainless steel fasteners, all of these comply with service class 3 in the Eurocode 5 specification.


Jumbo coils, coil staples, corrugated fasteners, wriggly pins, hog rings, clamps, screws,

We are known for our ability to provide our customers with exactly what they need, whether it is currently manufactured or not. we have longstanding relationships with manufacturers who can turnaround a design & have it manufactured in a reasonable time frame.