Nailing & Stapling

Most major  Brands of nailing & stapling equipment  can be supplied Maintained & repaired, major brands that include  Paslode, Spit, Senco, Spotnails, Unicatch, Prebena, Omer, DeWalt & MURO amongst others 


As timber frame  becomes more popular so the need for fast fix cavity ventilation becomes more prevalent, We have a full range of  approved products available from UK manufacturers.


R.S.Johnston are the authorised distributor of The Cullen range of structural Metalwork. for the current catalogue see the download section.

Collated Fasteners

We hold extensive stock of the most popular ranges of collated fasteners to suit the majority of nailing & stapling tools

Powder Actuated

We only supply one brand of Powder actuated tooling SPIT,  in our opinion it is the premier system with less shot wastage. 

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Timber Frame

Every fastener, tie, strap or hanger required in the construction of timber frame buildings is available from R.S. Johnston, if we don't have it, it isn't required!


We have been automating tools for use in timber frame plants for over 10 years and supplying the fasteners to suit. 

Call with your request.

Cordless Tools

denco, duraspin, technology, collated screwgun, drywall, flooring, ceilings, plasterboard

We can supply a full range of cordless fastening tools from the major manufacturers such as Paslode, Spit, Senco, Tacwise & DeWalt.

Corded Tools

power tools, site tools, electric tools, cordless, drill, router, planer, impact,

We can supply 110V or 240V corded machines from major manufacturers whether you need a straight forward drill or a full kitout we can do it.

Insulation Products

Our range of foil based insulation products are becoming increasingly popular & are the preferred system for many of the  local education authorities.

Structural Fixings -Timber

Specialised structural fixings in different configurations are available. 

call with your required specification. 

Sealants & Adhesives

We believe in supplying only high quality tested & approved sealants, adhesives & waterproofing products

Structural fixings - Steel

Molabolt Peg anchors are becoming the established alternative to welding when dealing with steelwork fabrication involving blind box sections. Its many advantages include speed of application, ease of use, no special skill, tools or equipment required. 


 Polytops® are plastic top pins, nails and screws manufactured to a high UK standard using top grade polymer and the highest grade steel whether it be stainless or galvanised. 

Concrete Ceiling Fixings

concrete nail, ceiling nail, suspended ceiling, slab,

The MND 6 ceiling nail is ideal for attaching laths, metal profiles, squared timbers, wooden structures, wire supports, perforated foundation ties, wood-wool slabs  and various rail systems to concrete.

Keeping a Level Head

 Leica Lino line and point lasers are versatile yet simple to use, making indoor levelling, aligning, squaring and plumb applications fast and easy. 

Any Questions

We are happy to answer any questions or provide technical assistance. give us a call or email

Pipeline Products

R.S. Johnston specialize in the provision of ducting and pressure pipeline systems covering a host of industries and markets. We can supply Ductile Iron, Polyethylene, uPVC/ABS pipe and fittings, as well as valves, accessories and ancillary products supporting each system