Perpend Weep Vents

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 Designed for discreet cavity wall drainage and ventilation requirements. The Manthorpe range of weep vents can be used to drain DPCs, cavity trays and lintels along with providing airflow circulation to timber frame cavity walls 

Retrofit Weep Vents

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 The Manthorpe refurbishment weeps are available for retrofitting ventilation into existing wall details. 

Brick Vents

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 The G930 Airbrick has been designed to provide high levels of ventilation into cavity walls and underfloor voids. Can be stacked to create 9x6 & 9x9 airbricks 

Periscope Vents

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 The telescopic underfloor vents provide a clear airflow passage through the wall into the voids below suspended concrete and timber floors. The telescopic feature enables the product to adjust the ventilation channel vertically within the cavity, helping to meet the Building Regulations Part C requirement for ventilated floors.

Airbrick Flood Defense

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 Urban flooding over the past decade has caused millions of pounds of damage and insurmountable heartache to homeowners across the UK. Local councils occasionally hand out sandbags during severe flood warnings; these however are in very small numbers and are never enough to fully protect a house.Manthorpe flood protection equipment can help to stop flood water entering a property, at the very least significantly delaying its ingress, providing valuable time to safeguard items within the home such as furniture and electrical goods. 

Tile & Slate Vents

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In today’s energy conscious society, one of the major problems faced by builders is the build up of high levels of condensation in the roof space. Widespread use of central heating, double glazing and insulation can cause a temperature differential between living space and the cold air outside. Warm air, carrying high levels of water vapour, is drawn by a process of convection to cold areas of the building including the roof void. If there is insufficient ventilation the water vapour condenses, leading to rotting timbers, the rusting of metal fixtures, felt damage and mould growth.To solve this costly problem, Manthorpe manufactures a range of quality roof ventilation products which are suitable for new build and refurbishment situations.