Insulation Products

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 Foil-Tec is an ultra-thin, flexible, easy to install, vapour control membrane which effectively controls condensation and air tightness in both walls and roofs, while offering great thermal benefits. Foil-Tec can also be used independently as an insulation membrane in floor applications. 


 SuperQuilt, the Best Performing Multifoil on the Market, is a flexible, easy to install, multilayer insulation offering tremendous thermal benefits. The unique composition of the product effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer.  Whether pre-fabricated or assembled on site, BreatherFoil FR can afford the designer and contractor maximum flexibility when detailing timber-frame walls, without the expense of thicker timber frames or higher priced materials. 


 SuperFloor is an underfloor heating system specifically designed for suspended timber and solid floating floors, the SuperFloor system utilises the ultra-thin, flexible, easy to install properties of Foil-Tec and combines them with our underfloor heating clips offering great thermal benefits.