Pneumatic Tools

Strip Nailers

strip nailers, paslode, senco, duofast, tacwise, unicatch, haubold, clipped head, Full head,

Our range of strip nailers, encompassing those from 21° plastic collated full round head to 34° Paper collated clipped head are chosen for their reliability & performance. 

Coil Nailers

Coil nailers, Paslode, Senco, Unicatch, Haubold, Duo Fast, 16mm-130mm, 2.1g, 2.5g, 2.8g, 3.1g, 3.8g,

The range of coil nailers on offer covers a multitude of nail types, finishes & sizes from 2.1 x 16mm up to a 3.8 x 130mm


narrow crown, wide crown, medium crown, light duty, heavy duty, fine wire, heavy wire, packaging,

Staplers also come in all shapes & sizes suitable for light upholstery uses up to timber frame sheathing & case making.

Brad Nailers

second fix, finishing, skirting, architrave, kitchen, furniture, moulding, slips

Our 16g & 15g, straight & angled Brad nailers are in use around the country and have all stood the test of time, we tend to favour Paslode, Senco & Unicatch brands for their reliability & ease of use.


second fix, finishing, skirting, architrave, kitchen, furniture, moulding, slips

The pinner range is extensive from 23g micro headless pins up to the 18g 50mm 


There is a wide range of special application tools available, if you have a special application give us a call or contact us to discuss your requirements, if there isn't a tool currently available, we can build one for you.

Cordless Technology

Cordless nailers

paslode, IM350+, IM360, impulse dewalt, senco, fusion, spit, pulsa, lithium, nailing, pinning,

Our range of cordless nailers cover all types from established brands such as Paslode, DeWalt, Senco & Spit

Cordless Drills & Screwdrivers

metabo, makita, bosch, milwaukee, dewalt, cordless, drills, screwdriver, drywall, impact, 18v,24v,

We have an extensive portfolio of cordless drills & screwdrivers available from many of the leading brands, Metabo, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee & DeWalt included.

Cordless Screwguns

duraspin, senco, screw gun, collated, drywall, flooring, self drilling, steelwork,

We favour the Senco Duraspin range of cordless collated screw guns, simply because they have a proven track record, for the range of tools available click here

Corded Tools

Corded Cutting & Drilling

planer, chop saw, mitre saw, compound mitre, grinder, sds, drill, core cutter, rebar cutter,

Corded tools are still in high demand for professionals & the DiYer alike, our cutting & drilling range is aimed at the professional, providing reliable & efficient tools.

Corded Fixing & Fastening

Muro, duraspin, maestri, tacwise electric stapler, electric screw gun, truck deck, mezzanine, DiY,

Our range of corded fixing & fastening tools encompasses everything from light upholstery tackers to heavy duty truck deck equipment. this range is again aimed at the professional user but does not exclude the keen amateur.

Miscellaneous Tools

Magnetic Drills

 Under construction 

Pillar Drills

 Under construction 


 Under construction 

Cut Off Saws

 Under construction 

Mitre Saws

 Under construction 

Bench Grinders

 Under construction 

Air Treatment & Connections

Air Couplers

Under construction

Flexible Air Hosing

Under construction

Rigid Air Pipework

Under construction

Push Fit Fittings

Under construction

Air Treatment

Under construction


Under construction