Powder Actuated Tools

Spit P370

It is no accident that we only stock one brand of powder actuated tool, our years of experience have led us to the conclusion that Spit is the most reliable & most consistent tool available for general fixing to steel or concrete.

Spit Cartridge

disc cartridge, 10 shot, red, brown, yellow, green,

Industry leading performance & reliability, the Spit Disc cartridge system . Always use the lowest power cartridge for the required pin.

  • Brown-Very low
  • Green-Low
  • Yellow-Medium
  • Red-High

Spit Consumables

concrete pins, steel and concrete, fixing collated, loose, c9, sc9, spit, PAT,

Single & collated pins makes Spit cartridge tools extremely flexible for a large range of general & specialist applications.

Contact us for full range of sizes.