Metalwork - Timber Frame

Engineered Metalwork

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Since 1977 Cullen has been a brand name synonymous with innovation in the design & manufacture of timber engineering connectors. R.S.Johnston are one of the very few companies chosen to distibute this quality brand.

Gang Nail

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 For over 40 years,  Gang-nail has been a specialist and world leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of timber connecting systems,software and equipment for the production of roof trusses and open web floor joists. 

Cullen Joist Hangers

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Cullen offer a full & comprehensive range of Masonry & Timber joist hangers suitable for use with standard timber joists, the increasingly popular I joists & open web joists.

Timber Frame Components

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Cullen's complete range of timber frame  connectors is recognised throughout the industry & when used as a complete package can offer complete peace of mind for constructors. click on image above to see list of fixing animations.

Engineered Restraint Straps

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Restraint straps have moved on a bit from the standard straps of old (although they are still available) the new "engineered" straps are lighter in weight with a thinner cross section with the ability to offer the same level of restraint. All are available in straight, 90° bend & Twist

Wall Ties

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We have a full range of wall ties available from the standard butterfly ties to the innovative Low conductivity ties suitable for cavities up to 450mm

Metalwork - Traditional

Light duty wall ties

multi drip, bent wire, cavity, BS EN 845-1, light duty,

Multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity. The design means that the tie can be installed either way up. Tested as Type A (sound) Tested as Type 4 (strength) to BS EN 845-1 

General Purpose wall ties

multi drip, BS EN 845-1, general purpose, wall tie, bent wire,

 Multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity. Design means the tie can be installed either way up. Tested as Type B (sound) Tested as Type 2 (strength) to BS EN 845-1 

Heavy duty wall ties

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 Constant drip feature to prevent moisture travelling across cavity. Tested as Type B (sound) Tested as Type 1 (strength) to BS EN 845-1 

Low conductivity wall ties

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 NEUTRAS wall ties have both low thermal conductivity and high structural performance levels. This means they can be excluded from the current U value calculations in EN ISO 6946 and provide a credible solution to new legislation requirements. Available as Type 4 (Housing Tie) Type 2 (General Purpose Tie) and Type 1 (Heavy Duty Tie) 

Remedial wall ties

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 CemTie is a versatile, fully grouted, remedial tie used to stabilise all forms of solid masonry, secure failed lintels and brick rings, reconnect separated internal and external building walls and repair parapets. 

Crack stitching

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 HeliBar is a helical stainless steel reinforcing bar, with substantial tensile properties, used for strengthening and stabilising masonry in both new build and remedial situations. 

Metalwork - Mixed Use

Joist Hangers

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 Cullen is the market leading brand of timber engineering connectors within the UK and Ireland, currently holding 85% of the timber frame market, 55% of the roof truss and engineered floors markets. Our extensive stock and our four distribution platforms allow us to offer a "just in time" service to our 500+ customer base. Our experienced Research and Development Team develop 10 cutting-edge products every year. This is why Cullen is the number one choice for timber connectors 

Truss Anchors

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 The TA secures trussed rafters to single or 2-ply wallplates or head binders. It offers a superior level of performance with a positive fixing on two planes with an assured safe working load. 

“Push on” fit allows truss anchor to be retained in position prior to nailing.

Restraint straps

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 The RST is a high performance restraint strap which is used to resist uplift to trusses connected to masonry and timber frame walls in circumstances of exceptionally high wind loadings. The RST can be used independently or in addition to conventional restraint fi xings, such as truss clips and framing anchors. 

Skewed Hangers

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 Part of the world’s first backer and filler free solution. The VS hanger offers a superior level of performance to traditional joist hangers. The unique construction provides a variable skewed angle of between 30° and 90° 

Differential Movement Ties

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 The HMT is a higher performance wall tie that allows the differential movement in medium to high-rise structures to be accommodated. The HMT range is a two-piece design with the channel section being fitted plumb to the structure and secured with two standard wall tie nails. The tie element interlocks and provides a sliding arrangement which does not cause the historic binding problems normally associated with dovetail type ties when used in timber frame. 

Disproportionate Collapse Restraint System

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 Cullen are specialists in the design, development & manufacture of special connectors, and products to assist with disproportionate collapse restraint in multi-storey timber frame buildings. 

Two Part Ties

 As a result of problems experienced over wider cavities (150mm to 300mm) and their weight causing long ties to overturn, the Vista two part tie allows larger cavities to be spanned, (up to BS EN 845 - 1 standard for a type 2 tie). The shorter section is built into the inner leaf as construction proceeds, whilst the longer section is locked into the inner section and built into the outer leaf as it lifts. Tested as Type B (sound) Tested as Type 2 (strength) to BS EN 845-1 

Debonding Sleeve

 Debonding sleeve to allow for movement of the ties listed above (a 25mm wide sleeve is required for channel ties). Debonding sleeves should have a 10mm gap left at end to allow for movement once installed. 

Frame Cramps

 Frame cramp (supplied in stainless or galvanised steel) for restraining masonry to new or existing structures and for building in non-structural elements (frames etc).

Bed Joint Reinforcement

 Vista Weld 3 was developed to meet the ever increasing requirements of specifiers. Vista Weld 3 is a welded ladder type Bed Joint Reinforcement with 3mm outer wires, generally used as a structural product, also ideal for crack control. Available in Stainless Steel Grade 304 S15 and in numerous widths to suit any brick and block thickness. Vista Masonry Reinforcement conforms to BS 5628 : Part 2 2000. Also available in galvanised.