Sealants & Adhesives

Interior Sealants

interior sealants, bathroom, kitchen, skirting, architrave, mould, water based, solvent based,

 Around windows and doors, in bathrooms and kitchens, throughout every building, there are a wide range of interior joints which require attention. R.S.Johnston offer a range of solutions for all interior construction joints for both new build and refurbishment projects 

Exterior Sealants

illbruck, exterior, sealants, windows, doors, pipe exits, openings, waterproofing,

 Exterior work can be subjected to a wide range of conditions sealing and bonding solutions require durability to withstand all that our climate subjects us to.  

Weather brings a host of complications to product applications and whether its rain or shine, we have a solution. It could be lead compatible products or a sealant that can be applied under water.  Call us now to discuss your requirements

Interior Adhesives

interior adhesives, interior, woodwork, skirting, architrave, mouldings,

We have interior high strength & rapid bond adhesives primarily for interior use up to D3 classification, Our selection of high grip gap filling adhesives are perfect for those interior construction projects like fixing battens to walls or the skirting board. PVA adhesives are available for joints in wood components 

Exterior Adhesives

outdoor adhesives, exterior woodwork, fascias, D4,

 low viscosity, rapid curing, polyurethane wood adhesive. The adhesive is highly water-resistant and can be used in applications where regular wetting and/or high humidity is anticipated. These have been categorised as D4 adhesives allowing for exterior bonding without the worry of degradation by  water ingress.

Special Products

special, waterproofing, window reveals, air tightness, expansion joints, joint filler,  facade,

We have a full range of specialist products for the sealing and protection of openings including expansion joints, window reveals & building facades

We can offer a range of sealing and bonding solutions for specialist applications. This can include: laminating and postforming, bonding and laminating wood and plastics or simply bonding common materials like fabric or cork. Contact us with your application.